Our Story

At Ace Golf Gloves, we strive to deliver the highest quality professional grade cabretta leather golf gloves to golfers of all levels. Combining comfort, quality, feel and durability, our classic style gloves rival and beat any current players-grade glove in quality and price.


The humble golf glove dates back to over a hundred years ago, however they were famously made popular in the era of golfing greats Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. Recognising the need of extra grip and protection from blisters, a golf glove became a necessity in a golfer’s equipment arsenal.

Current golf gloves are manufactured of either a synthetic material or leather. Leather golf gloves are considered to be of a higher calibre than synthetic due to the particular features of leather including breathability and comfort. Cabretta leather is carefully sourced from the skins of sheep that grow hair rather than wool and is tougher than other sheepskins. Cabretta leather golf gloves usually demand a premium price; however Ace Golf Gloves strives to maintain the most competitive prices.


Designed in Melbourne, at Ace Golf Gloves we aim to provide the best of both worlds. We seek to provide the highest quality leather in a classic style at the lowest price. Being an independent company, we are able to achieve this by sourcing straight from our manufacturer. By bypassing the golf stores we are able to sell direct to consumers online and reduce costs.